The Dossena murals in the core of Brembana Valley

The project of the Dossena Murals, in the core of Brembana Valley, was born in the first half of the 1980s, promoted by the municipal administration and developed by councillor Filippo Alcaini.Thirty Bergamasque artists collaborated on the project, donating their contributions to the community of Dossena. The 30 murals were realised in three successive phases, in 1981, 1982 and 1984, with the collaboration of the population and, in particular, the owners of the buildings.
Linking ideally to the frescoes of the past, the exterior walls of several houses were decorated with a series of paintings, depicting moments of village life. Thanks to this initiative, the village centre is adorned with images illustrating local culture, work, environment and traditions, communicating with intimate participation the dimension of a world that tends to disappear
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A man and its valley

Filippo Alcaini, the artist of Brembana Valley

Filippo Alcaini’s artistic work bears witness to his strong attachment and delicate sensitivity to the Brembana Valley, his beloved homeland. He is a painter whose works undoubtedly represent one of the most beautiful testimonies of art and poetry inspired by the reality, history and culture of the Brembana Valley.
Born in Dossena in 1946 into a farming family, he began painting as a self-taught child, later attending decoration courses at the A. Fantoni.
In 1967, he was in Ethiopia, where he worked with architect Sandro Angelini on the restoration of several churches. He then moved to Benghazi, Libya, where he worked with the painter Heinrich Steiner on the decoration of the Shabbi mosque.
From 1970 he devoted himself to painting, holding solo exhibitions and participating in numerous group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He died tragically in 1986, just a few years after the realisation of his murals in Dossena, Valtorta and San Pellegrino Terme.
Having started out from classical figurative art, Alcaini soon moved on to the naive, a genre of which he is considered Bergamo’s greatest representative. Critics agree in recognising his popular soul, his deep attachment to the valley, and his ability to interpret the world, culture and sensitivity of our people.

Extreme Sports Bike
La bega (tempera su tela, 1975)
Bambini in pericolo (tempera su tela, 1974)

The traditions, the toil and the leisure