The Tibetan bridge is not a free-access, free-use playground, but is an acrobatic route at height, located between two sides of the territory of the Municipality of Dossena. The route must be taken on in the correct way, with the appropriate equipment, with the devices provided by the manager and under the control of the staff in charge. Take care of your safety and that of others!

The bridge consists of wire ropes and steps for the metal grating walkway and must be traversed with the aid of appropriate safety equipment consisting of a harness, longes and carabiners, provided by the staff before the start of the activity. The equipment is worn in the briefing areas with the support of our operators and must be used in compliance with the safety rules indicated during the initial training on the ground.

The minimum height of the users is 140 cm and a lifeline between 60 and 120 cm.

The “Ponte nel Sole” is open to adults and children between 12 and 18 years of age under the supervision and control of an adult; this is to be understood to mean that the accompanying adult must necessarily cross the bridge with the minor. It is not permitted to accompany infants and small children carried by their parents in backpacks or baby carriers.

Animals, of whatever breed and size, are not permitted to enter the Tibetan Bridge and may not remain unattended on site.

By accessing the route, the user implicitly accepts in its entirety these regulations and the conditions of sale received at the time of booking and in any case visible on the website


In order to carry out the activity at height, it is required to be in good physical and mental shape, not to be pregnant, not to have heart problems, and not to have taken alcohol, psychoactive substances or medicines that limit lucidity.

For disabled participants, the organisation reserves the right to request a medical certificate attesting to their physical and mental aptitude in order to be able to carry out the route; the service by disabled persons will in any case be subject to the unquestionable assessment of Azienda Speciale Dossena.

Access to the bridge with one’s own safety equipment is not permitted; this is included in the price and is provided by our organisation.


Azienda Speciale Dossena reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the times and methods of service delivery, if for reasons of force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions (rain or strong wind) and/or environmental situations and/or conditions of the plants and structures that do not allow the service to be carried out safely, even for limited periods of time during the day. In this case, the consumer will be entitled to a refund in the form of a voucher that can be used within 6 months from the date of issue. In any case, Azienda Speciale Dossena shall not be obliged to reimburse any expenses for travel, transport, accommodation etc. etc. that the Consumer may have incurred in relation to the provision of the Service subject to cancellation or modification.

The Service is considered to have been used by the Consumer in the case of his total or partial renunciation at the moment of use for any reason whatsoever and therefore no total or partial refund will be due by Azienda Speciale Dossena.


The “Bridge in the Sun” access ticket allows you to walk the Tibetan bridge for the time necessary to complete the route only once and exclusively on the day and time slot chosen at the time of booking/purchase. The price includes the rental of safety equipment (harness, longes, carabiners), which, once delivered, is kept under the responsibility of the user and cannot be left unattended or given to third parties until it is handed back to the operator present on arrival.


The briefing (initial explanation) is compulsory for both children and adults. It lasts approximately 10 minutes and includes an explanation on the ground on the use of the equipment and the techniques for traversing the suspension bridge. Minors must attend the briefing followed by the accompanying adult who will accompany them until the end of the activity. It is forbidden to start the “Bridge in the Sun” without attending the briefing and without the authorisation of the operator on duty present at the start. In the event of serious non-compliance with the regulations, the operators may remove the user from the course without any obligation to refund.

Safety on the course is absolute as long as the simple rules indicated in the briefing are respected, however, as this is a normal sporting activity, the associated risks such as minor injuries or superficial grazes remain. In case of need or emergencies, the bridge operators will always be present and at your disposal.


We recommend sportswear in line with the season and suitable shoes (hiking or trainers); the use of gloves is also recommended.

Access to the bridge is not permitted with open shoes such as: beach slippers, flip-flops, clogs, espadrilles and/or any shoe with a leather sole, heel or wedge. The shoes must be of the closed type with laces or a buckle and must have a non-slip rubber sole, ensuring maximum stability and grip when walking.

The operators reserve the right to check the suitability of the clothing.


Read the posted regulations
Put on the harness in the presence of the operator
Listen to the briefing before setting off;
Use the supplied equipment correctly: harness, longes, carabiners – the use of a helmet is highly recommended!
Always use both carabiners on the safety ropes;
Do not stay more than a few minutes on the bridge;
Proceed one at a time;
Do not purposely swing the bridge with movements that are not necessary for normal progression;
Do not reverse direction;
Take care when securing glasses, mobile phones and video/photographic equipment;
Do not carry objects that could fall and cause injury to persons below;
Minors may only enter the facility with an accompanying adult;
In the event of difficulty, illness, inability to proceed, or an accident during the route, wave your arms (if possible) above your head and attract the attention of the service staff or alert the nearest user (if possible), or wait for help to arrive;

Users who do not comply with the regulations may be turned away.