What to do at Carnival in bad weather? Discover advice and ideas for activities a stone’s throw from Milan and Bergamo

The 2024 Carnival long weekend is approaching and Dossena, a short distance from Bergamo and Milan, offers a variety of engaging activities, perfect even in bad weather. Don’t let the weather forecast discourage you: we have prepared a list of unmissable adventures that will make your weekend an unforgettable experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

When bad weather threatens to ruin your plans, Dossena and the neighbouring towns of Brembana Valley offer numerous indoor activities. From sporting activities to guided tours and from workshops to culinary experiences, there’s always something to do! Here is a roundup of experiences that you cannot miss:

  • The Speleological Park

The speleological park is a mixture between an adventure park and a simple via ferrata inside the Dossena mines and it is an equipped route to be experienced in a recreational and cultural way to explore the ancient tunnels of Dossena mines through cableways, bridges, passages suspended over natural caves, artificial chimneys and much more. Accessible even in bad weather (except for orange/red alerts from the Civil Protection), it is a perfect experience to spend half day of entertainment. Buy here your ticket: LINK

  • A relaxing day at QC Terme

QC Terme San Pellegrino is the perfect place to regenerate which is just 5 km from Dossena. In the historic city of spas, where frescoes and wonders of the past blend with modern design architecture and installations, you can immerse yourself in a day of well-being and relaxation. Waiting for you will be: hydromassage tubs, Kneipp path, waterfalls, saunas and much more. Visit the site with this LINK

  • Guided tour in Dossena mines

The guided tour of the Dossena mines is a cultural walk that combines history and science; you will be able to discover the miners’ means, tools and working conditions, but also hints of geology and curiosities! You will visit the “Mining Museum” and two mining levels in a ring-route underground.

The visit is suitable for everyone, without age limits and can be done even in bad weather (except for orange/red alerts from the Civil Protection): a perfect experience to spend half day of culture and relaxation. Buy your tickets here: LINK

  • Visit the Plebeian Archpresbyteral Church of Dossena

The Archpresbyteral Church of Dossena is an artistic masterpiece that dates back several centuries. Its majestic façade and richly decorated interior with works of high value tell the story and tradition of the local community.

The Archpresbyteral of Dossena is comparable to an art gallery for the number of works it preserves, such as the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist and St. Rocco with two Saints, by Paolo Veronese (16th century), the Polyptych of the Baptism of Jesus (uncertain attribution in Palma il Vecchio, Francesco Rizzo da S. Croce or followers) and paintings by Carlo Ceresa and Pieter Paul Rubens to name just a few.

The importance of the artistic heritage is underlined by an epigraph which recalls how the Dossenese, despite famines and plagues, have always protected and preserved them.

  • Guided tour in the farms

In Dossena you can visit local farms and discover many farm animals with your family; you can also organise a tasting of local products at local businesses. From the production of artisanal cheeses to the tasting of fine cured meats, there are several options to delight the palate. Don’t forget to try “Ol Minadur”, the mine-ripened cheese.

  • Carnival creative workshop in Oneta

Near Dossena you can also have the opportunity to build your own carnival character at the “Casa di Arlecchino” (Arlequin) Museum in San Giovanni Bianco; unleash your imagination and give vent to your art! The activity will be at 3:00 p.m. on 10th February 2024; the workshop and snacks cost 7 euros and booking is mandatory by writing to info@orobietourism.com | www.orobietourism.com | + 39 034521020

  • Carnevale&Oltre – 5th edition

On 10th February 2024 there will be Carnevale&Oltre 5th edition in Oltre il Colle. | Here’s the detailed programme:

8:00 am start of the markets with sweets, pancakes and local products
3:30 pm meeting of floats, groups, single masks and couples at Piazzale degli Alpini
4:00 pm start of the parade, which will follow the route of previous years towards via Roma and Foppa, and then return to the starting square
4:45/5:00 pm small presentation of floats and groups to the jury, which like every year is an expert jury external to the organisation
5:00/5:30 pm rich aperitif in the bars participating in the initiative
Around 6:30 pm AWARDS CERIMONY at the animation arena
8:00 pm dinner in the restaurants participating in the initiative
For more information, you can click on the following LINK

  • Carnival Workshop in Oltre il Colle

Monday 12th February 2024 you can create your personalised mask with the friends of Pro Loco of Oltre il Colle starting from 3:00 pm at Villa Perletti. No reservation is necessary and for more information, you can click on the following LINK.

So don’t let bad weather discourage you during the Carnival weekend! Dossena and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of indoor activities, guaranteeing a weekend full of fun and adventures, just a stone’s throw from Bergamo and Milan. Whether the sun shines or it rains, your weekend will be full of unforgettable moments.