Come and discover Dossena’s beauty with your school!

VisitDossena organises a customised school trip for you!

Our experiences are in close touch with nature, rich in educational aspect, with breathtaking landscapes, suitable for schools of all levels, for an unexpected school trip.

Let your students cross the Tibetan bridge, the longest in the world with discontinuous tread and without side rods, let them visit the mines and Dossena speleological park, the only one in Europe. Organise a school trip in the name of culture, physical activity, relationship with nature and creation of a “class spirit”, a kind of team building for children and young people who, wearing and using the equipment and personal equipment, will learn to venture in safety.

VisitDossena offers many cultural and didactic activities, to answer to specific requests and to adapt to the participants’ age

  • Customised and shared programmes: we can link sports activities and cultural experiences, programmes of all kinds and for all needs!
  • Socialisation, team work, aggregation and integration; the great themes that students face everyday in class, but that we can actualise through outdoor activities!
  • School trips for one or more days, to be programmed together and to make students live unique experiences together!

E-mail to programme and organise your school trip.