The gangway over Parina Valley is ready: inauguration on 27th October 2023

The Becco of Dossena will be inaugurated on Friday 27th October, the free and free access gangway, overhanging a Parina Valley cliff. It will be an attraction that people will be able to reach on foot starting from the mining area by using a dirt track.

You can find the Becco (beak), name given to it because of its shape, at Culmine del Paglio, 2 kilometres from the centre of Dossena: it is an overhanging 16-metres-long gangway, with a view over Parina Valley and over Ortighera Mountain.

The construction was designed by “Fontana&Lotti Lorenzi – Ingegneri associati” and realised by Fitzcarraldo Co. Ltd, and its realisation took about one year.

To get there you just have to set up “Miniere di Dossena” as your destination on Google Maps and, once you park your car in front of the motocross track (easily reachable with a 200-metres-long dirt track), you have to go down on a concrete downhill and enter a dirt square; at the end of it, a dirt track starts. At first, you find a concrete building called “Santa Barbara”, once a deposit of the explosive used in mines, then you find a rise that lasts about 20 minutes. When you arrive on a plateau with a view over the entire Brembana Valley, you have to go upwards for about 500 metres, until you arrive at a wooden staircase that leads you to the Becco to admire the entire Parina Valley.

The purpose of the project is to create a panoramic view that allows Dossena to complete the valorisation of its mining area with an open-air view of the rock, an element that marks out the tracks of the dismissed underground galleries, which are in the process of being arranged.

Thanks to the Becco you can feel the emotion of walking in the void admiring an immense Wilderness Area, a wild area, untouched by man for decades. “Parina” stream, which gives the name to the valley, is a particularly evocative landscape that marks out its trait with many wonderful karstic phenomena, like “the giants’ potholes” in white marble.

This Wilderness Area is partially located inside the Regional Park of Orobie Bergamasche, more precisely about half of it (Ortighera Mountain southern slope).