Hen party in Dossena, to have fun during her last moments of being single!

If you’re planning a unique hen party for your friend near Bergamo or Milan and are looking for a picturesque place full of activities, Dossena is the perfect choice. Located in the splendid Brembana Valley, this location offers a variety of unforgettable experiences to celebrate your last moments as a “single”. Here are some activities that will make this event memorable.

Sport activities

If you’re sport lovers, Dossena offers various opportunities to participate in adventurous activities. From the crossing of the “Ponte nel Sole”, the longest suspended bridge in the world with discontinuous tread and no side rods, to the speleological park, a mixture between an adventure park and an easy via ferrata located inside the tunnels of the mines. There’s something for all skill levels, even e-bike excursions along the scenic trails. Lots of exciting options for those who love adrenaline.

Exploring nature

Dossena is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and offers the opportunity to explore nature in all its beauty. An excursion to the Becco, the panoramic terrace overlooking the Parina Valley, is an excellent option for those who love outdoor activities. The panoramic view from the top is spectacular and offers the perfect opportunity to take pictures.

A journey through history and culture

The Archpresbyteral Church of Dossena is an artistic masterpiece that dates back to several centuries. Its majestic façade and richly decorated interior with works of high value tell the story and tradition of the local community.

Alongside this architectural marvel, the murals of Dossena add a contemporary touch to the town. Painted on walls, buildings and public spaces, these murals represent the creativity and unique identity of Dossena. Each mural tells a different story, celebrating culture, nature and everyday life in a fascinating and engaging way.

Gastronomic tasting

Italy is renowned for its cuisine and Dossena is no exception. For an unforgettable culinary experience, organise a tasting of local products at local farms. From the production of artisanal cheeses to the tasting of fine cured meats, there are several options to delight the palate. Don’t forget to try “Ol Minadur”, the mine-ripened cheese.

Planning and logistic

To ensure everything goes smoothly, it’s essential to plan ahead. Try to book activities and restaurants well in advance to guarantee availability and get any group discounts. Be sure to communicate clearly with all participants and keep track of any dietary restrictions or special needs.

Organising a unique stag party in Dossena offers a wide range of experiences to ensure the event is unforgettable. With a combination of adventure, good food and fun, this is sure to be a time to remember for all participants!