Clear answers to optimise your experience

In this article we are going to explore some of the main frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the access to “the Becco” (beak) and we will give you advice for tackling them in the best way to improve your experience and not to be caught unprepared.

  • How to get to Dossena “Becco”?

To reach Dossena “Becco”, you just have to set on Google Maps this CAR PARK as your destination; please note that from this point the road becomes very narrow, it would be difficult to proceed if you found cars coming from the opposite direction. You will walk 2 km on a flat road, with a view to the entire Brembana Valley and Taleggio Valley, towards “Miniere di Dossena”.

Once you go beyond a concrete path, you will find a wooden notice board on your left, that indicates “Miniere di Dossena”, and a path about 100 metres long, that leads to the mining area (easily recognisable thanks to the engines and carriages on the square). At that point, you will find the first white and red road signs with “Becco” indications; the itinerary from the mines to the panoramic terrace lasts about 20 minutes, and it takes place on a quite steep, unpaved road.

For anybody who would like to shorten the route, you can arrive up to this “AREA” with limited parking lots or even reach the mining area, keeping in mind that the road is narrow.

  • Do you have to buy a ticket to get in Dossena “Becco”?

To get in Dossena “Becco” no ticket is needed, as the access is free.

  • How much does the ticket for Dossena “Becco” cost?

To get in Dossena “Becco” no ticket is needed, as the access is free.

  • Are there particular restrictions to get in Dossena “Becco”?

Yes, there are restrictions to get in Dossena “Becco” and they concern:

  • Maximum number of people on the Becco: 50
  • It’s strictly forbidden to get in the gangway during strong wind and storms
  • It’s strictly forbidden to get in the structure with any vehicle (not even bikes)
  • How long does it take to reach Dossena “Becco”?

It takes about 60 minutes to reach Dossena “Becco” starting from this CAR PARK.

  • What to do after Dossena “Becco”?

Once seen the “Becco”, you can live different experiences, such as:

  • Cross Dossena Tibetan bridge, “Ponte nel Sole”, that you can book at this LINK
  • The Speleological Park, a mix of an adventure park and an easy via ferrata inside the mines, that you can book at this LINK
  • Explore Dossena mines with the guided tour at the following LINK
  • Walk to discover the “Graffiti”, drawn on the house walls, scattered through the streets, LINK
  • Trekking on the tracks, you can find the one for you, according to the difficulty and the time you have, LINK
  • Discover San Giovanni Battista church, the first Baptismal Church of our territory, LINK
  • Taste typical products, from various types of cheese, to saffron and Gin, that you can buy visiting the farms on our territory, LINK
  • Visit “Dimora storica” (“Historic House”) from Late Middle Ages, LINK
  • E-Bike Tour: admiring Dossena without (too much) fatigue among tracks, attractions and excellent tastings! LINK


  • How are reviews about Dossena “Becco”?

You can find reviews about Dossena “Becco” on Google at this LINK