Two days workshop in Brembana Valley village for MBS multinational

Inside Dossena mines, VisitDossena operators are running against time to tidy up and make the tunnels accessible again for the cultural guided tour and the speleological park, programmed, after the end of Master Builders Solutions’ first European workshop.

This company produces high quality concrete admixtures, cement admixtures and tunnel technologies and this little village was chosen as location for the company’s first European event, at which took part 35 internal technical managers.

Inside the tunnels, the technicians could prove the effectiveness and efficiency of their products through a series of demonstrations occurred between Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November: rock bolting, back filling, sprayed concrete and injection, respecting safety rules and the location.

Master Builders Solutions was founded in 1989 and it has now offices all over the world; in 2022 it invoiced 137,423,239€ only in Italy, and about 3 billion euros worldwide.

Dossena wasn’t chosen casually as location for the company’s workshop, but thanks to a series of meetings between Dossena town management, the Chief Mining Officer Gian Marco Orlandi from “Di Spada Orlandi e Bianchi Studio Associato di Geologia” studio, Dossena Mines Association and some of the company technical managers.

This is why Brembana Valley was filled with people from China, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland (and many others) for three days.

Thanks to this workshop managers could get to know many territory realities, such as Birrificio Priula (Priula Brewery), the new shop “Paganì – antichi sapori” (Paganì – ancient flavours), Bigio Hotel, “Da Franco” restaurant, QCRoom and even the small “I raìs” Cooperative, that had to organise meals and coffee breaks with an international slant, but with an eye on territory.
“The main difficulty was to satisfy many cultures with different culinary traditions thanks to classical dishes, within which however we wanted to make people taste the flavours of our territory, such as our “Ol Minadur” cheese or our km0 delicatessen” states Simone Locatelli, President of the Cooperative that manages, among other things, the Trattoria Alpina (a restaurant-café).

The result of these two days was exciting, so much that the company thinks of taking to Dossena and to Brembana Valley even clients from all over the world in June 2024.

So we can say that Dossena is expanding its borders not only at a regional or national level, but even worldwide, also thanks to the other new activities such as the Tibetan bridge and the “Becco” (beak); what we can affirm for sure is that Dossena is doing its best to improve the conditions of a valley that is unfortunately suffering from depopulation and abandonment of the territory.