10 ideas to spend a day in Dossena

Autumn is a magical season that offers a variety of warm colours and cosy atmospheres. If you are in Dossena, you are lucky to be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and by several opportunities to full enjoy this season. Here are 10 activities that you should try to live the beauty of autumn.

  1. Walks through the woods: Dossena is surrounded by enchanting forests, which offer unique natural shows in autumn. Wear comfortable clothes and enjoy the beauty of the colour changing leaves.
  2. Panoramic excursions: exploit autumn’s fresh weather to go on scenic hikes where you will be able to see the mountains around Dossena. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes, breath fresh air from the “Becco”, a panoramic terrace over Parina Valley with a cliff of 200m.
  3. Visit in “Dimora storica del Lac”: Dossena is famous for its history and its origins. Dedicate half a day to visit this wonderful house from the Late Middle Ages. And if you are interested in culture, the Archpriest church is not to be missed! It is like an art gallery, rich in workpieces created by relevant artists such as il Veronese.
  4. Taste local products: autumn brings a rich variety of seasonal products. Visit local farms and taste cheeses, delicatessen and any other food Dossena can offer you. Did you know that we make a cheese age inside the mines for at least 3 months? It is called “Ol Minadur” (the Miner).
  5. Trekking in Orobie Park: Orobie park offer several paths for trekking. Choose the most suitable for you according to your needs and enjoy the local natural beauty. The 599 track, for instance, is a ring-route that will lead you to the Vaccareggio Mountain: on the outward journey you can follow the “scenic trail” and on the return journey the “ridge trail” for a walk of about 3 hours.
  6. Autumn festival: in autumn, Dossena hosts CioccolanDossena, an event that Dossena held 8 times. It is a delicious showcase for local pastries, where the main theme of the day is chocolate, but you can also find several local handicrafts stands and Christmas-themed stalls. This year CioccolanDossena will be on 26th November 2023.
  7. Visit in the Mines: Dossena developed thanks to its underground tunnels, created in Etruscan and Roman times. Nowadays 3 levels of the mines are open for tourists: 2 are accessible with a ring-route during a cultural visit, while in the other level you can find the speleological park. It is a mix of an easy via ferrata and an adventure park, where guests are secured thanks to a harness and walk suspended over caves and tunnels; an experience between culture and fun, not to be missed!
  8. Snapshots: autumn offers perfect views to take breathtaking pictures. Bring your camera with you and photograph the beauty of colourful leaves and of autumn landscapes. And since we’re on the subject, take pictures of as many artworks as you can find on the walls around the village: they are the so-called “Murales” (graffiti), dated back to some 1980s art displays.
  9. Adventure moments: autumn is the perfect time to have fun. Challenge your fears and your boredom: wear the harness and cross “Ponte nel Sole”, the longest Tibetan bridge in the world with discontinuous tread and without side rods. 45 minutes in the void, 120 metres high, to admire the wonderful foliage from above.
  10. Be a child again and ride an e-bike: discover Dossena uplands and mountain cottages accompanied by an expert guide, riding on historical tracks such as “Via Mercatorum” and CAI paths, which develop on fields, meadows and woods!

Dossena offers a lot of activities to best enjoy autumn. Are you a nature lover or a history enthusiast or are you just looking for some relaxation moments, this village has much to offer. Choose the activities you like the most and let yourself be charmed by the beauty of this magical season in Dossena.